Ufone Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly, International call packages of Ufone 2018

Ufone Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly, International call packages of Ufone 2018: This is Unlimited Ufone call packages especially include International call packages of Ufone 2018. Also, students will able to use this amazing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly Ufone call packages(Offers). Ufone is the fastest growing telecom network in Pakistan. Mostly Youth people suggested Ufone because This network has best Ufone Call Packages offers.

Ufone Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly, International call packages of Ufone 2018 Detail:

Ufone began its activities in 2001 and it is a completely claimed auxiliary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). Because of PTCL's privatization, Ufone turned into a piece of Etisalat in 2006. Simply dial *444*3# or send SMS '3' to 444 to buy into Ufone 30 Second Package. Ufone Uwon Package: Whether it is the moment of your call or last, Ufone Uwon bundle enables you to talk for just Rs. 2 or more duty to all the Ufone clients, PTCL or some other nearby portable systems crosswise over Pakistan. Appreciate Ufone call bundles to all systems, Ufone on-net/off-net call bundles and some more.

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In any case, it likewise winds up hard to check all bundles. Ufone Call Packages concocts day by day, hourly, week by week and month to month bundles. I am here examining are available on the official site of Ufone telecom. You can discover them under the "Voice Offers" classification. On the off chance that you are a Ufone endorser and need to call your companions, family and business client who have other system's supporter. Try not to stress, You telephone offers distinctive Ufone other system call bundles at the to a great degree low cost.

Pakistan All network SMS packages:

Jazz SMS Package:      Click
Zong SMS Packages:     Click
Telenor SMS Packages:     Click
Warid SMS Packages:       Click

Ufone SMS Packages:    Click

Ufone Call Packages Daily, Hourly

If you want to use the offer after one hour, you need to subscribe again for another hour. The value ranges for offers fluctuate from 5 to 599 rupees. The legitimacy time frame for the bundles is multi-month, week or a solitary day. The Network Features for which Ufone offers bundles are On-Net Minutes, Off-Net Minutes, SMS and Internet Data. All of the call bundles incorporate different increases in the greater part of their packs. 

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Power Hour Rs. 7.17+tax Dial:*99# 60-net minutes+60 SMS+10 off-net min+60 MB
Uth Student Offer Rs. 3 Dial:*202# Unlimited Ufone calls in just Rs. 0.75/hour
Dabangg Hour (valid for ‘Uth’ package customers only) Rs.3.99 incl. tax Dial:*212# Unlimited on-net calls+Unlimited SMS+Unlimited MBs

You will have the capacity to get 10 Ufone other system free minutes alongside 300 On-net free minutes, 300 SMS and 100 Mbs of web information. Keep in mind, least load sum is Rs. 43/ - to buy in this administration.

Package Price Activation Code Detail
24 Ghanty Offer Rs 11.99+tax Dial *2424# Unlimited on-net minutes
Super Sasta Package Different Dial *5678# Ufone and PTCL Rs. 0.90+tax/30 seconds. Others Rs. 0.90+tax/30 seconds. SMS local Rs. 2.03 (incl. Tax) SMS International Rs. 5+tax. Internet (2G & 3G) Rs. 2+Tax /MB
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 7 incl.tax Dial *445# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
Super 5 Offer Rs. 5+ tax Dial *5252# Unlimited calls to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone+Unlimited SMS(valid from 5am-5pm)
Daily Pakistan Offer Rs. 18 incl. tax Dial:*888# Unlimited on-net minutes+Unlimited MBs

Ufone Call Packages Weekly

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Pharma Offer) Rs. 80 incl.tax Dial *5050# 100 on-net mins+100 SMS+1000 MBs
Weekly Pakistan Offer Rs.100 inlc.tax Dial *8888# Unlimited on-net minutes+100 MBs

Almost certainly, this is additionally a best Ufone other system call bundle. Thus, we have accumulated all most recent Ufone Call Packages at one place just to give our perusers the straightforwardness to pick any bundle that best suits them as indicated by their need and spending plan.
Package Price Activation Code Detail
Super Card Rs 499 Load Ufone Super Card 1000-net minutes+1000 SMS+150 off-net min+1000 MB
Super Card Plus Rs 599 Load Ufone Super Card Plus 1200-net minutes+1200 SMS+200 off-net min+1200 MB
PTCL to Ufone Rs. 150+tax Dial 1236 from PTCL Unlimited calls to all Ufone numbers
Din Bhar Offer Rs. 150+ tax Dial:*4455# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers from 9am-5pm
Monthly Pakistan Offer Rs. 418 incl. tax Dial:*8888# Unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers+ 400 MBs

Ufone Call Packages Prepaid

Package Price Activation Code Detail
Super Mini Card (15 days validity) Rs 299 incl. tax Load Ufone Super Mini Card 500-net minutes+500 SMS+75 off-net min+500 MB + 500 SMS
Super Recharge (2 days validity) Rs 40 incl. tax Load Ufone Super Recharge 300-net minutes+300 SMS+10 off-net min+30 MB
3 pe 3 Rs. 5 incl. tax Dial:*343# Unlimited calls for 3 hours to all Ufone, PTCL, vfone numbers(except 5pm-9pm)

Ufone also offers Postpay packages to all postpaid customers. However, postpaid customers can only choose monthly packages.
Package Price Activation Code Detail
Ufone Talkville Rs. 500 Send SUB to 2500 10,000 on-net mins
Unlimited PTCL bucket Rs. 100+tax Send SUB to 7500 8000 mins to Ufone, PTCL, Vfone numbers
Off-net Freedom Bucket Rs. 1000+tax Send SUB to 6500 1000 off-net minutes
Postpay SuperLoad Rs. 999 incl.tax *6699# 2000 on-net min+2000 SMS+2000 MBs+300 off-net mins

Ufone International Aadha Ghanta OfferSimply add 22 before dialing your desired numberRs. 12.5 + Tax - as long as 30 minutesUSA (Mobile + LL),
Canada (Mobile + LL)
UK (Landline Only)
Ufone 1 Paisa IDD OfferDial *2288#Rs. 4.99 + tax (subscription charge)
Call UK (landline only), USA and Canada (mobile & landline): 1 Paisa/second
UK (landline only),
USA (mobile & landline)
Canada (mobile & landline)
Middle East, India & Bangladesh OfferDial *226#Rs. 2.99 + tax (subscription)
Saudi Arabia: Rs. 2.99/20 sec
UAE: Rs. 2.99/20 sec
Iran: Rs. 2.99/20 sec
Bahrain: Rs. 1.99/20 sec
Kuwait: Rs. 1.99/20 sec
Qatar: Rs. 3.99/20 sec
India: Rs. 1.20 + Tax / 20 Sec
Bangladesh: Rs. 1.20 + Tax / 20 Sec
Saudi Arabia

Covered Destinations to Call from Ufone

Ufone offers International Direct Dialing (IDD) package for prepaid, as well as, postpaid customers. Ufone IDD rates for prepaid subscribers are as follows:

Ufone Fixed Covered Destinations

Hong KongFixed2.2
Russian FederationFixed8.99
Saudi ArabiaFixed8.99
South AfricaFixed8.99
South KoreaFixed3.99
Sri LankaFixed8.99

All IDD charges are exclusive of taxes. An additional 15 paisas per call will be charged under this package. To inquire regarding countries that are not listed in any of the above tables, call 333.

Ufone the third Pakistani cell specialist organizations additionally hold a sensible telecom piece of the overall industry in Pakistan. Ufone Call Packages 2018 | Hourly, Daily, 2 Days, 3 Days, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly) for Prepaid/Postpaid Subscribers. Ufone Call Packages for hourly, day by day, 2 days, week after week, 15 days and month to month use in addition to there's a reward bundle likewise which is called Ufone Super Call Offer. Ufone Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Hourly, International call packages of Ufone 2018 1 GB web information and 100 Free SMS along 100 free On-Net minutes for 80 rupees. The main packs which enable clients to profit all highlights offer are Ufone Super Recharge Package, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card and Ufone Super Card in addition to and these expense around 45, 299, 520 and 599 individually.

Ufone call packages terms and conditions:

  1. The subscription fee includes all applicable indirect taxes
  2. Calls made to voice buckets, shortcodes and NTC numbers are not included in this offer.
  3. Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  4. Dial *444*1# to migrate to Uwon package. Standard migration charges will apply
  5. In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.
  6. In Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA 18.5% FED and other taxes on bill/recharge will apply.
  7. Upon reaching free 400 MB usage, standard GPRS charges apply
  8. 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  9. Offer can be subscribed multiple times, upon re-subscription minutes will be added.
  10. To check remaining minutes & Data volume, dial *707# (charges Rs 0.20+tax)
  11. All Location Based offers, Din Bhar offer (Daily & Monthly) & 30 paisa offer are not available on Super Sasta Package
  12. Additional charges of 15 paisas/call will be charged

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